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Shaken, not stirred (Antifoam Defoamers)

Not all foam is equal. Some foams are good, others, not so much. In traditional soaps and detergents, we expect a certain amount of foam in order to be sure the product is doing its job. However, in some cases, the build-up of foam is an undesirable by-product of a chemical reaction, or of the agitation of a container which, when shaken (or stirred!) results in the build-up of foam.

Foam build-up may result in an uneven application of the product on its intended surface. But sometimes, a controlled amount of foam is both necessary and desirable. In this case, a defoaming agent should be used, as this will control the amount of foam and keep it to acceptable levels. Where foam is not required, an antifoam agent to inhibit foaming is the best chemical option.

Whether you need an antifoam agent or a defoamer or are uncertain as to the difference in the properties of each, Enrochem is here to advise and supply the best solution with its range of EnroSIL 10, 20, 30 and 40 DF products.

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