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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Speciality Raw Materials


We offer a comprehensive range of bio-remediation products which are specifically designed to remediate the damaged caused by a variety of water and soil pollutants as well as large scale oil spills.

Bio-remediation is a completely natural, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to clean up large scale pollutants as I can be done in-situ in most cases, saving on transport and processing costs.

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We currently export to a whole range of countries across the globe, and we are able to export our products anywhere in the world.

Our export solutions are a division that is passionate about providing sustainable solutions to countries across the globe.

All our products are designed to enable local manufacturers in their region to produce and function without the constraints of material sourcing difficulties.


We offer a varied range of speciality construction chemicals including, Flooring Chemicals, Curing Compounds, Dust Wetter’s, Release Emulsions and various others, which are applied at different stages of the construction process.

Eco Friendly Buildings


Our range of eco-friendly surfactant blends are designed and produced with the aim of offering the client a more environmentally friendly option of manufacturing certain chemicals by replacing some of the more harmful surfactants currently being used in the industry.

Our surfactant blends are completely free of Nonyl-Phenols and Phosphates.

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