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No Foam please

An anti-foaming agent is a chemical additive that reduces the creation of (often harmful) foam in industrial liquids. These additives have been specially formulated to ensure that the production time of industrial processes won’t be hindered.

Sometimes, anti-foams are confused with defoamers. The terms have been known to be somewhat blurred as they are often used in conjunction with one another. To make it easy:

· Antifoams prevent the formation of foam

· Defoamers eliminate existing foam (usually used in an emergency)

Antifoams are applied in a wide range of industries; from the chemical industry and printing and dyeing to industrial cleaning, water treatment, and detergents. So, what makes a good a good antifoam/defoamer?

EnroChem’s Antifoam/Defoam Range

A great defoamer/ anti-foaming agent can rapidly knockdown and control foam as well as aide de-aeration. EnroChem’s range can achieve this at very low dosages, which means little to no negative effects are seen within the system being treated.

Meet our agents:

- EnroSIL 10DF is a range of general purpose Anti-Foamers/Defoamers. EnroSIL 10DF are safe to use and handle. READ MORE

- EnroSIL 20DF is a general purpose Anti-Foamer/Defoamer for use in any water-based systems prone to foaming and aeration. It consists primarily of Polydimethylsiloxane (Silicone Fluid) and hydrophobic solids.

- EnroSIL 30DF is easily dispersed in both hot and cold aqueous systems. It has an immediate foam control action and is economical and safe.

- EnroSIL 100DF is a general-purpose Anti-Foam/Defoamer for use in a wide variety of Non-Aqueous & Aqueous Systems that are prone to foaming and aeration.

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