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Is Bio-remediation effective?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

In a word, absolutely.

Bioremediation, a prominent component of Green Chemistry*, it uses microbes or microorganisms to recycle materials, and remedy polluted groundwater and contaminated soil. In a nutshell, it uses nature to fix nature.

Traditionally, incineration, landfilling and dispersants/ chemicals have been used to clear oil or pollutant spills. Not only are these time-consuming methods but the chemicals used are often hazardous for the environment.

*Green chemistry is a philosophy that is applied to all aspects of chemistry and focuses on designing chemical products and processes that contain minimal (or zero) dangerous substances.

How does bioremediation fair against its chemical counterparts?

This environmental science amplifies natural biological actions to do the clean-up work; by using billions of hydrocarbon-digesting microbes to efficiently degrade pollutants.

By using the correct beneficial bacteria, virtually any dirt build, fats, oils, and greases, or hydrocarbon-based oils can be safely cleaned, bio-degraded, and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional chemicals.

More benefits:

  • Completely natural process with almost no harmful side effects

  • Carried out in situ for most applications with no dangerous transport

  • Quick turnaround time to make soil and water useful

  • Minimal equipment needed except for specialised pieces

  • Positive public acceptance due to organic process and little disturbance

  • Cost effective to maintain and economical to input

  • Lowers liability, as contaminants are less likely to escape

  • Little energy consumed compared to incineration and landfilling

  • High acceptance from regulatory authorities

A new generation of treatment

After years of consultation processes with bioremediation experts, and numerous lab testing, the chemists at EnroChem have created Oil Treat, which rivals, and in many aspects, outperforms its chemical counterparts.

The secret? Using indigenous bacteria.

In a recent performance challenge, Oil Treat was tested against an internationally established benchmark bacterial product. Oil Treat’s proprietary bacteria system showed a massive 90% improvement in overall Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (T.P.H.) degradation, while costing a fraction of the price.

Find Out more about our Bio-Remediation Product called Enro-Oil Treat

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