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Bio-Remediation of fuel contamination in soil

Treating one toxic spill with another chemical that is harmful, albeit in a different way, makes no ecological sense. Enter the new generation of bio-remediation products that use nature to fix nature.

Enro-Oil Treat is an eco-friendly enzyme producing bacteria for the treatment of fuel, petrol, diesel and hydrocarbon associated spills in soil. Fuel spills cause immediate and long-lasting damage to the soil and require a speedy response. Enro-Oil Treat comprises billions of hydrocarbons digesting microbes in various carriers that get the decontamination job done quickly, and cost effectively.

Enro-Oil Treat also saves time and money by treating the spill in situ. Adding Enro-Oil Treat and its living organisms and enzymes which degrade or transform the contaminated soil where the spill has occurred means eliminating additional risks and costs associated with transporting the hazardous material elsewhere.

Accelerating the process

In order to speed up the bio-remediation process, along with the microbes, we include a mix of preblended nutrients which feed the microbes, allowing for their rapid growth. The addition of the nutrients significantly improves what would otherwise be a slow process due to the reduced presence or complete absence of natural nutrients in the hydrocarbon rich soil environment. Fast growing microbes’ equal speedier bioremediation of the soil.

But did you also know that there is such a thing as microbe compatibility? Enro-Oil Treat takes into account African conditions and uses African indigenous microbes in the product which is entirely human, animal and plant pathogen free.

Fuel spills are a daily reality. The consequences of allowing dangerous and toxic substances to seep into the earth can be devastating for agricultural cycles and water sources. Enro-Oil Treat provides a fast, risk free, cost effective, eco-friendly solution to fuel spills by amplifying natural biological actions rather than adding fuel to the fire in the form of more chemicals.

For more information, view Enro-Oil Treat here.

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