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Developing the right construction chemicals

Whether you’re in the mineral and water well drilling industry or construction and civil repairs, EnroChem has designed a product that is perfect for your application.

Generally, construction chemicals have been developed specifically for use in concrete modification, waterproofing and preventative repair. With this in mind, we’ve created a quality range of four products that will aid in areas such as the elimination of scale build-up and other forms of grime in pipe work and nozzles; fugitive dust control for sites, process plants and mines; concrete mould release applications; retention of moisture in concrete to achieve its designed strength; and lastly, drilling foam for mist drilling, foam drilling and air drilling.

Meet the Products

ENRO-DrillingFoam S50

ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 is a Concentrated Blend of High Foam, Biodegradable Surfactants, for use in the Mineral and Water Well Drilling Industries.


- It is an environmentally safe (APEO and NonylPhenol-Free) blend of anionic & nonionic surfactants, alkaline salts, foam boosters, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors, preservatives, and water.

- Can be used in Foam, Air and Mist Drilling

- Generates instant high foam quality of exceptional stability

- Is economical, produces dense, stable foam at low concentrations

- Reduces erosion

- Reduces air requirements and allows deeper drilling

- Effective in extending the life of the drill bits (excellent lubrication and corrosion inhibiting properties)

ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear

ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear allows the concrete to retain sufficient moisture to achieve the designed strength and exceeds ASTM specifications. It is 100% free of all volatile organic compounds.


- Efficient moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete

- Slow evaporation designed to meet hot weather conditions

- Helps harden concrete through the promotion of proper cement hydration

- Suitable replacement for solvent-based products where volatile solvent fumes are undesired

- Designed for interior and exterior application


ENRO-Release-PW-PE4 is a low viscosity paraffin wax of mineral oil emulsion chemically consisting of mineral/paraffinic oils & waxes. It is designed for concrete mould release applications for the use of release and preservation.


- Gives an easy and complete release of the concrete from the forms and a significantly improved quality of the concrete surface

- Eliminates surface blowholes, and all related finishing imperfections.

- Can be used as a release agent for steel, plywood, timber, and plastic formwork moulds prior to casting concrete

- Provides excellent stability and high anti-adhesive properties against concrete that permits easy stripping of forms and better surface appearance

ENRO-DustWet 500

ENRO-DustWet 500 is a proprietary blend of anionic & non-ionic surfactants (wetting agents), corrosion inhibitors, chelates, preservative and water.


- Reduces maintenance costs on equipment, prevents corrosion of pipework, nozzles, tanks, and fittings.

- Designed to reduce fugitive dust from stockpiles, process fonts and conveying of fine minerals.

- Effective across a variety of soils and minerals mixed with hydrocarbons.

- Increases driver visibility - loss of visibility on untreated roads may lead to accidents

- Reduces lung exposure - breathing dust particles may cause health problems

- Minimises road maintenance

- No environmental problems associated with this product

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