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Construction Chemicals: Improving strength and efficiency in the construction process

Man’s quest to build bigger, taller, and more complex structures for living and working in has spawned an entire industry of specialised chemicals that assist in both the construction process as well as with improvements to the qualities and characteristics of construction materials.

If bricks and mortar are the building blocks of construction, then construction chemicals are the basis on which these essential materials are themselves built.

Enrochem has developed a series of products that strengthen buildings, preserve equipment and construction workers’ health in a safer and cleaner working environment, make construction more efficient and ensure the strength and durability of building structures.

ENRO DustWet 500 eliminates the build up of grime in pipes and nozzles, reducing the maintenance costs of equipment. In addition, used as part of the damping down of dust particles, this product improves visibility on building sites and removes the risks of respiratory issues among workers.

ENRO Drilling Foam S50 allows for deeper and more efficient drilling at the same time as extending the life of drill bits. This product prevents soils with high clay content from clogging drills and reduces erosion when drilling poorly consolidated formations.

ENRO Release-PW-PE4 for concrete mould release applications allows the quick and clean release of concrete from moulds made from steel, plastic, plywood and timber. A low viscosity paraffin wax, this chemical leaves behind smoother concrete surfaces, meaning less preparation time of the concrete before coatings etc are applied.

ENRO CemKure 15-Clear allows for the proper levels of concrete hydration and retention of moisture required to achieve maximum concrete strength. A solvent free, water-based paraffin wax, this construction chemical is an essential ingredient in curing concrete used indoors or outdoors in any number of structures.

If you are looking to manage building and equipment costs, maximise the efficiency of your construction equipment, protect the health of workers and achieve the best construction results, EnroChem’s range of construction chemicals can help you.

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