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Offer your clients the best shine on surfaces such as cars and floors

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Nothing says ‘looks brand new’ like a shiny floor or the buffed paintwork of a car. But how can you achieve the best results with a highly shined surface that is abrasion and scuff as well as slip resistant?

EnroChem’s EuroWAX 30E wax emulsion product offers the perfect solution for all kinds of floor and automotive polish applications and what’s more, does not contain any formaldehyde.

With only a light odour, EuroWAX 30E can be used is all kinds of water-based floor and automotive polishes.

Enhances the paintwork of a vehicle

Weather, minor scrapes and scratches can damage the bodywork of a vehicle but adding this ‘wonder product’ into the vehicle polish can protect paintwork against corrosives and the elements and is particularly effective in wash and wax and spray on car wash systems.

Extends the life and lustre of wooden floors

Over time, foot traffic on wooden and vinyl floors wears away the surface, but using EuroWAX 30E extends the durability of the floor’s surface and makes it easy to clean. And as shiny a surface as the floor appears, it is nevertheless nonslip, and will resist shoe and scuff marks.

EuroWAX 30E is compatible with most other wax and silicone emulsions and dries to a high, bright gloss. It can be added at any stage of polish manufacture and by adding EnroChem’s leading wax emulsion product into your polish cycle you are preserving the life of the surface to which it is being applied.

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