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A long, long time ago… soda, soda ash, or caustic soda were the heroes in cleaning products, nowadays we rely on the powers of surfactants to get the right pH balance to improve our cleaning technology.

Now, every superhero needs a sidekick, and that’s exactly where builders step in to help construct the right aquatic solutions, ensure the optimum water hardness, and to get the right pH.

Our hero

There are other characters that play a vital role in the story of cleaning products such as bleach, perfumes, and enzymes but the real hero in today’s cleaning world is EnviroSURF-226.

While polymers grab dirt and prevent it from redepositing at the surface, and enzymes are used to cut molecules in food-based soils into smaller pieces, it all comes down to the efforts of surfactants to effectively remove soils.

EnviroSURF-226 is designed as an environmentally safe, optimised surfactant blend. It is the only surfactant in food contact, general and technical cleaning, and degreasing water-based formulations, together with chelating agents and / or builders, to cover the more specialised requirements for:

· Dispersancy

· Emulsification

· Wetting

· General detergency

· Foam stability

· Rinseability

This “Jack of all Trades” is also, soluble in water and most polar solvents; it is chemically stable in the presence of dilute acids, bases, and salts, and compatible with soaps, anionic, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants, and most polar organic solvents.

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