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Making a difference

At EnroChem, we are all about making a difference by delivering quality, customised solutions to the chemical industry as well as offering a range of sustainable, planet-friendly ranges.

Whether it’s through our effective bio-remediation products or our sought-after, eco-friendly surfactants, we are proud to play our role in the changing tide that is Green Chemistry*.

*Green Chemistry is a philosophy that is applied to all aspects of chemistry and focuses on designing chemical products and processes that contain minimal (or zero) dangerous substances.


Gone are the days of relying on Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates, a group of products that include such well known products as NP9. While effective, these ethoxylates have become known for their biodegradation semi-metabolites, which were interfering with the breeding patterns of fish and causing detrimental effects on fish populations.

We have pioneered the art of blending ethoxylates from different hydrophobe families to make single mixed products available to those who have relied specifically on the magic of NP9 and the other APE’s. By doing so, we save the formulator from needing to reinvent their formulae, by simply “dropping in” our blends to save the day.

Saving the planet with surfactants

Ethoxylates (typically non-ionic surfactants), are the formulators friend when putting together cleaning products, as they perform a multitude of different, small tasks throughout the cleaning cycle.

The secret is in the amount used which, with a well-built cleaning product, is surprisingly low, and whether-or-not it is used alone or in combination with other non-ionic surfactants in the formula. The idea is to use just enough for the highest dilution of the product, without losing efficacy in the aspects most usually considered to be critically performed by the non-ionic surfactant or combination.

Our environmentally friendly range of surfactants are carefully manufactured to ensure the highest degree of efficacy.

Each of the five products is a non-ionic blend of both straight and branched chain fatty alcohol hydrophones.

Depending on your requirements, they have been designed to range from environmentally safe 1:1 to 0.6:1 drop-in replacements and will cover a range of requirements (dependent on individual needs) such as dispersancy, emulsification, wetting, general detergency, foam stability and rinsability.

Customise your own surfactant

EnroChem can also make specialised blends of products, reworking your formulae to ensure better, greener, more cost-effective solutions.

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