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Extending the lifespan of your floor

Wax emulsions are used in many different applications. Known for their scratch-resistant properties and ability to protect against corrosives, they are a firm favourite in the flooring and automotive industries.

A wax emulsion is a stable mixture of one or more waxes in water. EnroWAX 30E is a hard, oxidized, polyethylene wax-in-water emulsion. And, unlike other wax emulsions, does not contain formaldehyde.

Making your floor live longer

Overtime, constant cleaning, and foot traffic will wear down the protectivity of the wax sealant on hard wood & vinyl floors.

Stripping and replenishing your floors may seem like a time-consuming exercise but they will not only bring your hard wood and vinyl floors back to life but make them more hygienic too.

The below is a list of common challenges that applicators face when sealing old and new floors. The addition of EnroWAX 30E in your floor polish formulation will mitigate these risks.

  1. Low Gloss – often occurs on application or even traced back to formulation.

  2. Levelling – an incorrect surfactant blend-to-wax ratio will cause this issue.

  3. Tackiness – unfortunately poor-quality wax emulsions are guilty of this.

  4. Adhesion – especially to older floors, is caused by low grade wax formulations.

  5. Dirt pick-up – once the wax component is not hard enough, it causes film formation failure.

Our solution to the above, and many more risks, is the high quality of EnroWAX 30E; for a “drop-in” use across all manufacturers and formulations (applicator and formulator approved across all industries and applications).

Added tips for stripping and replenishing floors

  • Ensure that the hardwood floor is compatible with the chemical stripper

  • Make sure that you have the correct dilution of the chemical stripper

  • Let it sit… Ensure that the chemical stripper has enough time to penetrate the top layer of the floor finish

  • BUT don’t let it sit too long – you don’t want the harsh chemicals penetrating the wood and causing damage to the floors

  • Rinse, rinse, and rinse before applying your wax finish

Wonder wax

We’ve spent the time carefully crafting EnroWAX 30E so that it is compatible with alkali-soluble resins, anionic surfactants, plasticisers, coalescing solvents, and acrylic/ styrene acrylic polymers, which are typically used in ready-to-use polishes. It is also compatible with most other wax emulsions, and silicone emulsions.

EnroWAX 30E is excellent for use in polymer floor sealers and is useful in automotive “Wash ‘n Wax” and spray-on polish systems. It has excellent buffability and outstanding slip resistance.


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