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Eco-friendly products for you

The detergent industry is both competitive and highly innovative, driven by consumer demand, which is increasingly looking for greener, more environmentally sustainable products.

Surfactants comprise a significant component of both domestic and industrial detergents, and the desire to see a lower impact on the soil and ground water into which they ultimately seep, is driving the development of safer and more biodegradable natural products.

EnroChem’s eco-friendly surfactants, which it supplies to manufacturers of detergents, soaps and other cleaning products, comply with the highest environmental standards. They also meet the requirement for ‘less product with maximum efficacy’ as the equal demand for higher intensity, more highly concentrated cleaning products in smaller and more compact packaging also increases.

EnroChem’s non-ionic surfactant blends, whose dilution ratios vary per product (there are five from which to choose) are used in both heavy duty scenarios in industrial settings - auto care, agro chemicals, and metal cleaners amongst others, as well as household detergents for surfaces and fabrics.

Each of the Enviro 906, 908, 40, 60 NS and Enviro Surf 226 variously cover the basic requirements for

· Dispersancy

· Emulsification

· Wetting

· General Detergency

· Foam Stability and Rinsability

Depending on the product, and if required in any other combination of uses or concentration, EnroChem can also develop a custom blend to meet specific needs.

EnroChem is committed to producing eco-friendly surfactants with outstanding performance and efficacy which follow all environmental standards. The company is working constantly on the development of new products that will take the sector forward and protect the planet at the same time.

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