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Silicone Emulsions : Versatile but Temperamental

Silicone emulsions have a multitude of applications including for use in hair and body care products, to reduce friction and aid better paper penetration in offset web printing, as an additive to polishes used in the automotive, furniture and consumer markets for shoes and in the production of baking and cooking paper.

While they are highly versatile, silicone emulsions can also be temperamental, splitting like an overworked mayonnaise or milk that has gone off, if they are not treated carefully.

Silicone emulsions should be kept in a cool dry place, not left in their diluted state for long, and not diluted in containers that may be contaminated from previous batches or other products. If left in a moist, warm environment, fungi can develop and grown on the emulsion. In its perfect form, a silicone emulsion is silky and viscous but if it’s split and lumpy, it won’t serve its proper purpose, which is to bind silicone oil and water.

Enrochem’s EnroSIL range of silicone emulsions has a high gloss and is silky smooth, with a medium viscosity. In addition, the range is more eco-friendly than other solvent based products.

The range’s performance as a water repellent with high abrasion resistance on treated surfaces, its excellent lubrication properties and resistance to adhesion make these premium products leading silicone emulsions in their field.

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