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EnroSIL 60E-HG (HIGH GLOSS) Is a Medium to High viscosity (1000cSt)
Polydimethylsiloxane (Silicone Fluid) Emulsion, allowing for a Larger Oil Molecule, resulting in a Higher Gloss. It is Safe to handle
and does Not contain any Phenol Ethoxylates nor Formaldehyde. As such, EnroSIL 60E-HG is Also Environmentally Acceptable.

EnroSIL 60E-HG is:

  • Suitable for use in automobile, furniture and shoe polish formulations. The intermediate viscosity and Larger Oil  Molecule of this product provides High Gloss with minimum smear to polish formulations.

  • Compatible with most other silicone emulsions, should blending be required.

  • Can be used where water based release agents and lubricants are suitable.

  • Suitable in Offset Web Printing, where low surface tension provides for better penetration of the paper.

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