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EnviroSURF-AT80 (Power / Flakes) is a Nonionic Surfactant or use in DETERGENTS and CLEANERS for the CHEMICAL and ALLIED INDUSTRIES.

EnviroSURF-AT80 is an Alkylpolyethylene Glycol Ether made from a Linear, Saturated C16 / C18 Fatty Alcohol. It conforms to the following formula: RO(CH2CH2O)xHR = Linear, saturated C16 / C18 fatty alcohol x = 80. The number in the alphanumeric code indicates the normal degree of ethoxylation.

EnviroSURF-AT80 (Powder / Flakes) are manufactured by causing the fatty alcohol to react with ethylene oxide in stoichiometric proportions. The ethoxylation temperature is kept as low as possible. This combined with the high purity of the feedstocks, ensure that a high performance product with low toxicity is obtained.

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