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ENRO-Release-PW-PE4 is a Low Viscosity Paraffin wax of Mineral Oil Emulsion chemically consisting of Mineral/Paraffinic Oils &

 It is designed for Concrete mold release applications for the use of release and preservation. Internal Phase Active Content is 15%.

  • Enro-Release-PW-PE4 has been specially formulated to give an easy and complete release of the concrete from the forms and a significantly improved quality of the concrete surface which is smooth & homogeneous.

  • Enro-Release-PW-PE4 can be used as a release agent for steel, plywood, timber and plastic formwork moulds prior to casting concrete.

  • Enro-Release-PW-PE4 is used for concrete casting against a wide variety of moulds, blocks and castings. With no solvents the forms maintain integrity and dimensional stability.

  • Enro-Release-PW-PE4 will not deteriorate or damage the concrete face.

  • Enro-Release-PW-PE4 provides excellent stability and high anti-adhesive properties against concrete that permits easy stripping of forms and better surface appearance.

  • Enro-Release-PW-PE4 provides excellent resistance to adhesion - sustaining very good form release properties.

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