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ENRO-DustWet 500 is a Proprietary blend of Anionic & Non-ionic Surfactants (Wetting Agents), Corrosion Inhibitors, Chelates,
Preservative and Water.

​Dilution/dosage: Dosage rates vary between 0.1% and 0.01%.

  1. The addition of ENRO-DustWet 500 into any water flow is achieved through Injection using a small dosing pump such as a “MAPA-MIXRITE Diaphragm Pump”, or similar device, which allows for very accurate dosing of the product at the 
    recommended low dosage rates. When ENRO-DustWet 500 is added to the water used to suppress dust through spraynozzle systems, it will stop the build-up of scale (calcium) and other forms of grime to pipe work and nozzles.

  2. ENRO- DustWet 500 can also be applied via Water Carts and/or other General Spray Equipment (Water Canon, etc.).

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