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ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 is a Concentrated Blend of High Foam, Biodegradable Surfactants, for use in the Mineral and Water Well Drilling Industries.

ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 has the following features:

  • May be used in a Variety of Air Drilling Operations, ranging from Simple Air Drilling to Stiff Foam Drilling.

  • Generates Instant High Foam Quality of Exceptional Stability.

  • Economical, produces Dense, Stable Foam at Low Concentrations.

  • Compatible with all types of makeup Water, including Brackish, Salty and Hard water.

  • Reduces Erosion when Drilling Poorly Consolidated Formations.

  • Reduces Air Requirements and allows Deeper Drilling.

  • Reduces the tendency of softer clays to stick together.

  • Improves Hole Cleaning and Increases Penetration Rates( facilitates the flotation of Dirt to the Surface).

  • Effective in Extending the Life of the Drill Bits(Excellent Lubrication and Corrosion Inhibiting Properties).

ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 is suitable/compatible for use in the following Product Classes:

  • Mist Drilling: ENRO-DrillingFoam S50   should be mixed with water at 0.2 - 0.5 % by volume and injected into the air stream. NOTE: The Rate of Injection will depend on Hole Size, Compressor Output and Water Flow Rate etc.

  • Foam Drilling: ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 should be mixed with water up to 0.5 - 2.0 % by volume, if water flow rates are High and Compressor Limits are reached.

  • Air Drilling: ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 can be used as an effective Dust Suppressant, at 0.05 - 0.2 % by volume injection water.


ENRO-DrillingFoam S50 is:

  • Soluble in water.

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