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ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear is a Solvent-Free, Water-based Paraffin Wax Emulsion Curing Compound for New Concrete.

ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear allows the concrete to Retain Sufficient Moisture in order to Achieve the Designed Strength,
and exceeds ASTM specifications. It is 100% Free of all Volatile Organic Compounds.

ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear has the following features:

  • Efficient Moisture Barrier for Optimum Curing of concrete.

  • Helps Harden concrete through the Promotion of Proper Cement Hydration.

  • Suitable Replacement for solvent-based products where volatile solvent fumes are undesired.

  • Designed for Interior and Exterior application

ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear is suitable/compatible for use in the following Product Classes:

  • Exterior Paving, Walls and Columns, Sidewalks,

  • Curbing and Gutters, Interior and Exterior Concrete,

  • Decks and Parapet Walls, Residential Concrete etc.


ENRO-CemKure 15-Clear is:

  • Wax-based. Application on smooth troweled concrete may result in increased slipperiness.

  • For Best Application results, Product Temperature should be between 10°C - 38°C with Ambient and Surface temperatures between 7°C - 45°C.

  • This product should Not be used under carpet and tile adhesives, unless completely removed.

  • Do Not use as bond breaker for tilt-up construction.

  • Do Not subject to Rain or Water for at least 12 hours after application.

  • Not intended for use on architectural concrete panels, unless complete removal is planned.

  • Do Not dilute this product with water or other solvents.

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