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HSconc B2-CLR is a Hard Surface Cleaning Liquid - Concentrate. 

This Low-viscosity liquid concentrate consists of a combination of Amphoteric & Non-ionic Surfactants, Builders, Water Conditioners, Rust Removers and Inhibitors. It dissolves immediately in cold water with mild agitation. The end product is an immensely versatile and powerful All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser which meets international environmental requirements.


This extremely useful, general-purpose product can be used to clean all HARD surfaces: Floors, walls, paving, work surfaces, all kitchen surfaces, baths & tiles, machinery, etc.


Because of its high pH it is a powerful degreaser and can be used on: White or colourfast fabrics – to remove grease marks As an Engine Cleaner – for motor cars & trucks.


Its industrial applications include: the washing of very greasy cooking utensils; metal cleaning; commercial laundering; degreasing of floors, machinery & equipment; etc.


NB: Due to high pH, this product is harsh on Hands & Skin. Handle with Care!

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