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Enro-Waste Treat

Enro-Waste Treat is a Concentrated Blend of Bacteria, carefully selected to Provide Complete Biodegradable, Biological
Treatment and Eliminate Odour Problems, Blockages and Overflows frequently associated with Septic tanks and Chemical

Enro-Waste Treat is an Environmentally Safe (APEO and NonylPhenol Free), Blend of Non Pathogenic Biodegradable Bacteria,
Surfactants, Alcohol, Fragrance, Dye and Water.

Enro-Waste Treat is designed to ensure the Sanitation of Septic Tanks and their Disposal Fields. Septic tanks are Dynamic
systems whose sanitary condition may vary depending on age and organic load. Foul odours and Disposal Field Blockages are common problems that Enro-Waste Treat can help to eliminate through re-populating the soil with good bacteria.

Enro-Waste Treat surpasses International Environmental Accreditation Agencies’ standards and can safely
be used to earn credits toward an “Environmental Friendly” certification.

Enro-Waste Treat main benefits are;

  • Odour Elimination

  • Completely Biodegradable

  • Non Corrosive to Skin

  • Doesn't Damage Surfaces

  • Safe for Users

  • Equipment and the Environment

  • No Toxic Vapour

  • Neutral pH.

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