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Enro-Oil Treat

Enro-Oil Treat is a Concentrated Blend of Bacteria, carefully selected to provide Complete Biodegradable, Biological
Treatment of any Hydrocarbon based oil spill.

Enro-Oil Treat is an Environmentally-Safe, Blend of Non-Pathogenic Biodegradable Bacteria and an added nutrient pack,
consisting of; Inorganic nutrients essential for microorganisms growing and feeding on hydrocarbons.
EnroChem has spent considerable Research and Development in developing the EnroChem Nutrient Pack which is
automatically included in the Enro-Oil Treat.
Through countless tests EnroChem has recognised that simply adding the extra nutrients does not automatically achieve the
desired results, rather it is the exact ratio and precise amount of each nutrient which is critical to the incredible overall
performance and success of the Enro-Oil Treat.
Additional proprietary foods, nutrients and stabilisers listed are also included in the EnroChem Nutrient Pack.

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